Kick-start your career with a practical design-oriented PDEng

Follow a PDEng at the University of Twente after your Master’s and create new opportunities for yourself. PDEng is a paid job in addition to being a post-master’s. Together with business professionals, you will focus on an innovative design issue. The PDEng offers a springboard to a career as a designer/developer.

Working as a PDEng

All PDEng post-master's at a glance

Meet the needs of the industry after your Master’s. With a PDEng, the opportunities are there for the taking. For example, the University of Twente offers the following programmes:

√ Civil engineering

√ Energy & Process Technology

√ Maintenance

√ Robotics

√ Business & IT

If there are no (suitable) vacancies available; 

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Developers that realise innovations
Ready for the future of your career

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  • 1 min, 44 sec
  • 2 min, 54 sec

The foundation for the rest of your career

  • Convert knowledge into technical innovations
    Technical design in practice

    Select from a wide range of subjects combining in-depth research with teaching modules. Over two years, such a programme consists for 50% of following courses at the University of Twente. The other 50% involves carrying out a design assignment at an organisation. A great example of how to make a direct impact in society. And that perfectly reflects with our mission and vision: Shaping2030.

    Our mission and vision: Shaping2030
  • Look at what suits you better
    The differences between PDEng and PhD

    Both a PDEng and a PhD are postgraduate courses. The difference? A PDEng is more oriented to practical application. So the focus is on the needs of the industry. Furthermore, a PDEng:

    √ takes two years. A PhD takes four.

    √ has a theory part (50%) and a practical design part (50%). As a result, the programme combines academic education with an industrial context.

    √ focus on (technological) design. With a PhD, the focus is mainly on in-depth research.

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A PDEng candidate explains

Niels gives his view

See for yourself what the life of a PDEng candidate is like. Niels tells us more about it. Other alumni also love to inspire you with their stories. Do you want to know more about the PDEng? Send an e-mail to