1. Stories from UT employees

What employees say about working at the UT

Discover for yourself what the life of a UT'er is like. This page contains various stories in which employees tell about their experiences.



In this podcast series, we embark on a journey to the year 2030 together with host Anic van Aamme to explore professions that are now slowly starting to take shape or don’t yet exist at all.

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Marieke Huisman

“I think it is a shame if someone misses opportunities based on ignorance or prejudice that it does not suit her (or him).”

Hans Hilgenkamp

“Diversity is more than having an eye for gender or cultural background. We are looking for diversity in the types of personalities as well.”

Karin Pfeffer

“There are a lot of ambitious women out there but somehow it seems they take the chance less often or are not in the position to take chances.”

Tom Veldkamp

“The international context in which we are active requires our teams be diverse. To communicate adequately with local stakeholders, for example.”

A day in the life of an EngD trainee

Niels Vossebeld EngD candidate

You can read in this story that after obtaining your bachelor's and master's degree there is still plenty to learn in the world of Civil Engineering.

Ivor Wanders EngD alumnus robotics & Mechatronics

"As a EngD I work on a specific design for a specific client. This gives me one leg in industry and the other in academia."

Shaping 2030 stories

UT is all about people. Everything we do focuses on people, in line with the High Tech Human Touch philosophy of our university. From research and education to personnel management, campus management and the use of new technologies. With Shaping2030 we have committed ourselves to an ambitious vision of the future. In doing so, we are steadily building on the course we have set, we learn anew every day and we inspire and motivate each other to move forward and increase our social impact.