Being a working UT-Student is seriously great

Something that many students contemplate, or even struggle with, is deciding whether or not they should work alongside their studies. Should I focus on my classes or should I become a working student? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to choose. You can do both!

Working as a student

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Are you looking for a paid substantive student job in Enschede in which you can develop yourself? Then there are plenty of opportunities to start working at the University of Twente. For example, you can check whether your program needs a student assistant for the execution of a course or course evaluation. In addition, they are also regularly looking for students who wish to inform and enthuse new pupils about their studies during the Open Days and the Student for a Day days.

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Experience is key

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  • Student Union
    Work for the Student Union

    The Student Union represents the link between the needs and wishes of the University and her students. Through frequent contact with various boards, committees, and services of the UT; as well as contact with stakeholders of representative portfolios, all parties remain informed about what is happening with students they represent.

    The community at the Student Union is an embodiment of the university as a whole, with students of every walk of life representing those that they share their academic experience with. Be it a board or committee member, everyone at the SU plays a role in representing the voice of fellow students on a policy level, all while working at the epicentre of bustling student life.

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  • UTFlex (virtual job agency)
    Work as a student-assistant?

    Professors and other faculty members often require student assistants to assist them with various tasks like assisting them during lectures, practical courses, grading, etc. The content of a jobasstudent assistant is always related to education and/or research. Opening a job as student assistant is therefore only for the faculties. After all, that is where education and research take place. However, first year students cannot be employed as a student assistant! As a student you will receive an UT FLEX employment in case of a job as student assistant.

    General provisions student-assistants
  • UTFlex (virtual job agency)
    Work as an on-call worker?

    UT students may also be required to assist in other short-duration and temporary tasks for which you may be called upon on demand. Such opportunities can be found on the UT Flex 2.0 portal. The content of a job as an on-call worker has ageneral character and is notrelated to education and/or research. Opening a job as on-call worker is bothfor faculties and services. All UT-students can be employed as an on-call worker. As a student you will receive an UT FLEX employment in case of a job as an on-call worker.

    General conditions student on call-worker
  • UTFlex (virtual job agency)
    Work through Volunteer Scheme (VWR)?

    The activities of a job that runs through the volunteer scheme are very simple and occasional. For example, providing information, distributing flyers, offering support during events, conducting surveys etc. These activities only take place a few times per year. As a student you will not receive an UT flex employment in case of a job through the volunteer scheme.

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