A PhD as a springboard for your career

After your master’s, follow a PhD programme at the University of Twente. PhD is a paid job in addition to post-master studies. After four years of in-depth research, you will officially be awarded the title of doctor (Dr.). And that’s the foundation for the rest of your career. And a recognition that you can handle complicated problems.

Working as a PhD

Earn your recognised title

Four years of interesting work. With an in-depth study within a specific research area as end product. This involves your dissertation and at the end a presentation and defence of your research.
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If there are no (suitable) vacancies available, 

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Have you completed a Master’s? Then a PhD is the powerful springboard to a wonderful career. Selected students are offered a contract of up to four years to follow courses and complete research programmes. Such a PhD programme includes both teaching and other departmental tasks. Varied? Absolutely!