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  2. Pre and onboarding

(Before) Your start at the University of Twente

Moving to a foreign country requires some actions, such as arranging housing, healthcare and possibly responding to a partner’s career goals. Don't worry. We will help you settling in.

Before you arrive

A warm welcome at the University of Twente

There are some things that have to be taken care of before your arrival. Our International Service Team is there to help you, and they will contact you to help and make arrangements for you. 

√ Visa and permits
This is someting important to have. Our International Service Team will contact you and begin the process of applying on your behalf.

√ (Travel-) Insurance
Before you have arranged a Dutch insurance, you should arrange a travel insurance to cover the period after you arrive. This is someting that you need to do before you arrive. 

√ A place to live: Housing 
Finding a home in the area can be difficult, but we try to help you as best as we can

√ Childcare and International school
We have childcare on our campus! Contact Partou de Vlinder for further information. And Enschede offers an international school for your children's educational needs. 

√ Cultural information
You can ask us anything you want about our culture (and the difference with yours). We also provide you with all kinds of information you can already view. 

Your arrival

Some arrangements to settle in Enschede can be made after your arrival.

  • Welcome in the Netherlands
    Living in (the area of) Enschede

    Are you and your family coming to the Netherlands? On the border of the Netherlands and the European hinterland, there is an entrepreneurial and tolerant city with over 150 nationalities: Enschede.
    With over 160,000 inhabitants, Enschede is the largest city in the east of the Netherlands. Besides being known for knowledge and innovation, Enschede is a vibrant student city.

    Click here for more info about Enschede
  • Our collaboration with the Expat Center

    The Expat Center East-Netherlands (https://ecen.nl/) is the central point for expats living and working in the east of the Netherlands. They aim to realize a fast and smooth introduction of expats and their families to this region by providing comprehensive information about formalities, services and activities in the area.

    The Expat center is here to assist you. You can make use of them yourself, and there are some services of the Expat Center that the UT can arrange for a new employee. But this is customised and depends on the faculty or service department that you will be working at.

    Read the Expat Center brochure
  • On arrival
    What needs to be taken care of

    Adjusting to life in a foreign country can be challenging. Our International Service Team and the Expat Center will guide you during this process. They will provide you with information on important topics such as housing, healthcare, insurance, and help you to arrange the paperwork including the usage of DigiD. Don't worry! We’ve got you covered.

    Read more for our International staff
  • At UT
    Your first days at work

    During your first 100 days there will be lots to do and see.

    √ Join the Introduction meeting for new employees. This is meant for all recently hired (national and international) employees. And this meeting includes a tour on the campus.

    √ We offer a wide range of (culture) and (dutch) language courses via our Language Centre.

    √ As an employee you can make free use of our sport facilities.

    √ Support for the registration to an healthcare provider.

    √ Optional Model for Employment Conditions.

    Read more
  • Dual Career Services
    Career support for your partner

    Is your partner moving along with you and looking for a job in the Netherlands? We not only support you in our career development, but also invest in your partner’s career as best we can. Together with our partner ‘The Chain Company’ we provide career advice and assist in building a social network.

    Check our brochure for more info